February 27, 2016
Mohegan Sun Wolf Den
Uncasville, Connecticut

There is nothing better then going to the Mohegan Sun with money in your pocket and the anticipation of spending the evening with beautiful women and great live music in the Wolf Den. One of my favorite bands from the 80s was playing the Wolf Den once again, Vixen was back in town.

The evening started off with a capacity crowd in the Den and people still waiting and hoping to get in and join the party as the vivacious women of Vixen walked unto the stage. The crowd erupted into a roar as they started into the first song of the evening, the title track off of their sophomore effort, “Rev It Up”. From there the stage was set for a evening of kick ass rock n’ roll.

Watching Janet Gardner, singer and guitarist, work the stage and play is a treat, the energy was greater than the last time they played the Wolf Den which I didn’t think was possible. The next two songs in the set were “How Much Love” and “Bad Reputation” also off the “Rev It Up” album. Finally a song off the album that set the hearts afire of so many teenage boys back in the 1988, “Cruisin” followed by a couple more off of “Vixen”, “Cryin” and “I Want You To Rock Me”.

Janet was not the only one hitting all the marks this evening, Gina Stiles, lead guitarist, was all over the stage, displaying a prowess that is unmistakeable. Easily one of the best guitarists out there and one of the best to photograph. Bringing it all together are Share Ross on bass and Roxy Petrucci on drums. A strong foundation that is easily built upon by Janet and Gina.

“Not a Minute Too Soon” and “Streets in Paradise” also off of “Rev It Up” lead up to Share’s moment to shine, with her taking over vocals and belting out a version of Neil Young’s “Rockin In The Free World”. “Love Is A Killer” gave way to a new song, “Raise Your Hands” off the new album they have been working on. A great song and if this is an indication of how the new album will sound, I can’t wait for it to come out.

“Love Made Me” and “Wrecking Ball” closed out the set and I had to laugh when she commented about “Wrecking Ball” not being the Miley Cyrus song. The girls walked off the stage to the roar of a crowd that was not ready to leave. Vixen returned to the stage to the applause and adulation of a crowd that was wanting to hear the song that put them on the map “Edge of a Broken Heart” and the crowd was not disappointed.

Vixen looked great and played even better, never missing a beat the whole evening. I know I have said it before, but one of the things that I really enjoy about a show is a band that looks and acts like they are happy to be there playing and having just as much fun as the crowd, and these ladies did. My hats off to Roxy, who was not feeling well this evening and still put 110% into it!

They are playing dates all over the place this spring, check out their website and Facebook to see if they are playing near you.

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Photos & Review by Frank Piercy
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