NEW MUSIC: Doyle II “As We Die”

An Album Review
by Frank Piercy
May 30, 2017

As I sit here and write this, it is Memorial Day weekend. A three day weekend, remembering those who sacrificed their all to keep America, the land of the free. Protecting my freedom to listen to a new album by a familiar face, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein.

I started the weekend listening to “As We Die” and then thought, if I am going to review this I need to relisten to some classic East Coast punk, well Horror Punk. So I have been binging on all the stuff from the Misfits and Doyle’s previous solo album.

My neighbors don’t like me now. That said, let’s get into this…

The album starts off with a riff that will have you looking over your shoulder waiting for something to jump out from behind something and grab you. “Kiss Me As We Die” is the perfect introduction to this album with Alex Story’s vocals going across the board from scream to clean.

The next couple of songs on the album, “Beast Like Me” and “God of Flies” keep the tempo going with a solid backing from a pair of Brandon’s, Brandon Pertzborn pounding the drums and Brandon Strate thumping it out on the bass and more of Alex’s variety of vocals.

“Run for Your Life” starts off with a dirge like feel that just wants to make you amble along like a zombie, until the drums kick it off and your adrenaline kicks in. One of my favorites off of this album with a fantastic video!

“Darkside” and “Witchcraft” are next on the album. “Darkside” another hard rocking song with of course, dark lyrics. “Witchcraft” for some reason is one of my favorites on this, a slower song with something a lot of people are not putting into their songs these days, a decent guitar solo.

Who would have thought a love song…

“King of the Undead” and “Virgin Sacrifice” keep the distinct Annihilator sound foremost in your ears. Both songs are very catchy, and I kept catching myself starting to nod my head to the beat. Not something you should be doing when you’re trying to write.

That’s why it is taking so long to write this review, I keep stopping to enjoy this album as it should be, with your head banging along.

“We Belong Dead” is an interesting one, with the feel of a song my father would’ve listened to back in the 50’s or 60’s. This is another song, that Alex’s voice will surprise you.

“Show No Mercy” and “Dark Gods Arise” continue the onslaught, and it doesn’t slow down with “Blood on the Axe”

It does finally slow down a bit, yeah… no it doesn’t.

‘Night of Sin” is the last song on this disc, I have to tell you, this is another song that I am impressed with Alex’s vocals. It meshes so well with Doyle’s playing.

If you’re expecting some good old fashioned Punk, this isn’t it. There are hints of it throughout the album, most notably in the reckless abandon that Brandon puts into the drums on this.

If you’re expecting something sounding like Danzig, this isn’t it. There are some songs on here you wonder how it would sound with Glenn’s vocals, but this is a Doyle album, and Alex sounds great.

If you’re expecting guitar driven heavy metal with horror show lyrics sung by a voice with multiple personalities directed by a monster of a guitar player who wants to do nothing more then sonically pound you into a grave, this is exactly what you’re looking for.

“As We Die” hits the ground running after you on June 2nd

Abominate The World Tour 2017 Dates:

06/01 @ The Maywood – Raleigh, NC
06/02 @ Ground Zero – Spartansburg, SC
06/03 @ Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
06/04 @ Nighthawks – Jacksonville, FL
06/05 @ Respectables – West Palm Beach, FL
06/06 @ The Haven – Winter Park, FL
06/07 @ The Orpheum – Tampa, FL
06/08 @ Southpark Music Hall – New Orleans, LA
06/10 @ The Rock Box – San Antonio, TX
06/11 @ Trees – Dallas, TX
06/12 @ Come And Take It Live – Austin, TX
06/1 @ Scout Bar – Houston, TX
06/14 @ Thunder Alley – Oklahoma City, OK
06/16 @ Club Red – Mesa, AZ
06/17 @ Brick by Brick – San Diego, CA
06/18 @ Malone’s – Santa Ana, CA
06/19 @ Beauty Bar – Las Vegas, NV
06/20 @ Liquid Joe’s – Salt Lake City, UT
06/21 @ Sunshine Studios – Colorado Springs, CO
06/22 @ Aftershock – Merriam, KS
06/23 @ RT Quinnians – Duluth, MN
06/24 @ The Reverb – Waterloo, IA
06/25 @ Home Bar – Arlington Heights, IL
06/26 @ Frankie’s – Toledo, OH
06/28 @ Dingbatz – Clifton, NJ
06/29 @ Evening Star Hall – Niagra Falls, N

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