MUSIC REVIEW: Liv Sin “Follow Me”

MUSIC REVIEW: Liv Sin “Follow Me”

April 20, 2017

Back in 2015, I started listening to a band called Sister Sin. Heavy Metal with a female lead singer, what more could you ask for, and one of my favorite things. I was lucky enough to have the chance to shoot them twice, once at the Loft at The Chance and the second time at Mayhem Fest.

“Black Lotus” has consistently been on my computer and phone playlist since then.

Like so many other metal heads worldwide, I was disappointed when the news came down the pike, about the band calling it quits. It was a shame, I felt their evolution was coming to fruition. Now just over a year or so later, like the Phoenix, Liv has risen from the ashes to give us her new project, Liv Sin and their first album, “Follow Me” to be released on April 28th.

Guess who managed to get a sneak listen or two to it? Ok, so it hasn’t been once or twice, but constantly playing when I am sitting at the computer. I was to put mildly, blown outta my chair.

It all starts out with the track “The Fall” a song that hearkens back to the old days of thrash and you feel the power of Liv’s singing. The next track on the album is “Hypocrite” and keeps inline with the old school thrash feel. “Let Me Out” is a song that has a Sister Sin feel to it, but her vocals stand out more, I feel then it would have if it was a Sister Sin song. “Black Souls” starts off nice and mellow, giving you the impression it is time for the ballad, then SMACK against the back of your head, it isn’t. “Godless Utopia” is a bit slower, bass driven then picks up, but doesn’t move into the thrash arena like most of the album so far. “Endless Roads” is another slow intro and Liv’s voice is calming, then the tempo picks up and starts climbing then slows down, I like the way she sounds on this one. “Killing Ourselves to Live” is another slow starter then the drums and guitar kick in and it is back into the world of thrash. This is probably the only song on the album, I am not sure about yet. “I’m Your Sin” starts off steady with Liv bringing it down just a bit, a great heavy metal tune. “Emperor of Chaos” listening to this one, I cant help but to think this also could have been a Sister Sin song, maybe the title of the song and the metal sound of this one as opposed to a thrash feel. “Immortal Sin” a Fight cover song done with Jyrki 69 of 69 Eyes (check em out on Youtube, you wont be disappointed) fantastic job! Finishing up the album is the song “The Beast Inside” the ballad of the album, well it starts out that way and slowly builds up into a barn buster.

This is progression, this is putting your heel to the throat of the past and laughing at it.

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Liv Sin is
Liv Sin – Lead vocals
Patrick Ankermark – Guitars
Chris Bertzell – Guitars
Tommie Winther – Bass
Per Bjelovuk – Drums

Review by Frank Piercy

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