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Northeast Rock Review has been online since November 2014. In that time we have received more than 60,000+ individual page views. (Stats 11/2014-12/2016).  See the bottom of this page for monthly page view statistics.

The web page is created and run by music fans, who are also writers and photographers. The webpage base covers the rock and metal genres, of the bands and artists of the 70’s, 80’s and today. We cover live concerts of bands of this genre that play in the New England area. We produce content articles consisting of live performance photography and written show review. These reviews are posted on our webpage and shared via our social media platforms (Twitter & Facebook). We also cover new music releases and occasional album/music reviews.

Our fan base is not limited to the New England states. Although our audience is targeted for the region, the webpage receives hits from many other U.S. locations, in addition to other countries including Europe and Japan. We have found that our followers and readers are music fans, musicians and most with interest in bands of the 80’s genre and rock and metal of today.

Ads will appear on all post/article pages on the right sidebar. Ads will be at the top right on a standard desktop view. Mobile device views may vary, but will appear one each page.

You can provide a graphic for the content you want to appear as your ad. Your ad graphic will link to a web URL link of your choice.

Northeast Rock Review reserves the right to decline advertising for any reason, including but not limited to illegal content, X-rated or inappropriate content as determined by staff and website administrators.

Additional charges may apply for ad design.

PayPal is our preferred and only method for payment. All advertisements must be paid in full before the advertisement/promotion runs.

2016 Stats:

25,768 Page Views
117 Different Countries Reached