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July 18, 2015

There were people there who thought LA Guns were going to be playing. There were people who thought Tracii Guns was playing, there were people who thought Tracii Guns version of LA Guns were playing. They were all wrong. It was GUNZO!

Gunzo consists of Tracii Guns on Guitar, Rudy Sarzo on Bass, Keith St. John on vocals and Shane Fitzgibbons on drums. Your talking guys who have played with LA Guns, Quiet Riot, Ozzy, Dio, Montrose, Whitesnake.

They were fantastic! How often do you get to hear the whole audience sing a whole set list together? Not very often but these guys pulled it off!

Rudy and Tracii were their normal crazy selves and played with reckless abandon, I felt like a giddy catholic school girl, kneeling at the stage and shooting these guys. Keith has an amazing stage presence and brings it out full force. Shane banged out the back beat for the night and as far as I can tell never missed a beat. I am not sure how long this will last, it could just be something to keep Tracii and Rudy busy when not doing anything with the “Charm City Devils”. You need to catch them while you can!!!

Kip Winger also played a solo show for this night’s show with Gunzo and Bulletboys. Unfortunately, due to a SD card technology failure, we do not have photos from Kip Winger. (sad face)

Check out the photos from the Gunzo show below:

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