Westwood One’s Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon: Y&T’s Dave Meniketti, Night Ranger’s Kelly Keagy & Moby (talks metal) Alan Niven (GNR/Great White) & Little Caesar’s Ron Young co-host

In the first interview, Y&T’s Dave Meniketti about the band’s latest album Acoustic Classix Vol. 1, the importance of the M3 Festival, capturing the energy of their live performance in studio, Angus Young & AC/DC, the importance of the live performance, a new Y&T studio album, the craft of songwriting, being a vintner & wine enthusiast, being too wild for Mötley Crüe, Summertime Girls, Geffen records and competing against Guns N’ Roses – Whitesnake – Aerosmith, A&M records, John Kalodner, the upcoming Y&T documentary, producer Tom Allom, being asked to join OZZY’s band, Brad Gillis, remembering guitarist Joey Alves and much more.

Next up is NIGHT RANGER’s Kelly Keagy. Mitch discusses the M3 Festival, the band’s next new album, the addition of guitarist Keri Kelli, drums to the side and Sammy Hagar, riding on Brad’s coattails after Ozzy, rating Brad as a guitarist (check out the 1.24.19 mark of the interview for that), Brad’s audition with Ozzy Osbourne, Glenn Hughes doing backing vocals on a Night Ranger album, making another acoustic album, looking back at the album ‘Feeding Off The Mojo’ 23 years after the fact, the brand of Night Ranger, singer Gary Moon, and more.

The final interview is with MOBY. He had worked on GNR’s Chinese Democracy. Alan Niven and Mitch discuss that fact before the interview starts. As Alan points out, ‘Axl is a good writer. He’s not going to put rubbish out there.” (Quote lifted from the 1.51.09 mark). And added, “This might surprise you, but I rather wish that the core of GNR would write together again. I think that would be a very interesting thing to have happen. I think you have the potential there for something serious and magical.”

With Moby, they discuss his love of hard rock/heavy metal, veganism, his new album Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt, not touring, the ‘act’ of making an album, Moby’s metal band DiamondSnake, Metallica, genres becoming arbitrary, not wanting to have a career as a musician, his memoir, getting older, Misfits, Arch Enemy, Rob Zombie, his restaurant, career vs. creativity, Mylène Farmer and much more.

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