Listen to Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine, Sebastian Bach & Jack Russell on this episode of Westwood One’s Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon. Trixter (and sometimes Def Leppard) guitarist Steve Brown co-hosts.

Up front, co-host Steve Brown explains his recent stint with Def Leppard and more.

Mitch’s first interview  is with respected Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine who discusses the band’s recent re-release of their debut album. Also, sharing the stage with the SCORPIONS, Uli Jon Roth, being the singer in Megadeth, The Conjuring, the current lineup and the upcoming new album, Slayer’s Farewell and a possible Megadeth farewell, Lars Ulrich & The Big 4, These Boots and the re-cut vocals, the drumming on the new album, the new album’s projected release date, their ‘huge festival’ announcement, and much more.

Just before we get over to Sebastian Bach, co-host Steve Brown talks about meeting Dave Mustaine at a Metallica show on their …And Justice For All Tour and the early days of Skid Row.

The second interview is with the voice of a generation, Sebastian Bach. Mitch and Back talk Slave To The Grind, his current band, the upcoming new album, the lack of Skid Row deluxe re-issues, Myles Goodwyn & April Wine, the first show he saw, resuming his acting/Broadway career, Axl Rose, AC/DC, finding his own sound as a singer and the advice he got from Jon Bon Jovi, the Subhuman Race album & Metallica’s St. Anger, and much more.

Before getting over to the third interview, co-host Steve Brown and Mitch discuss the KISS Revenge tour (which included Trixter & Great White), re-recording your hits and more.

The final interview is with vocalist Jack Russell, who discusses his plans to re-record a vast majority of the Great White back catalog (including Once Bitten, Twice Shy & Hooked in full), the re-release of solo album Shelter Me, The Hair Nation tour with Bulletboys & Enuff Z’Nuff, a health update, Once Bitten Acoustic album, his upcoming all Led Zeppelin tour, the movie The Guest List, Potrait Records, his love & respect for guitarist Mark Kendall, his upcoming book – Jack Russell Dancing On The Edge, and more.

And to close out the episode, co-host Steve Brown finishes his Def Leppard stories.


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