Former KISS head of security Big John Harte, Canadian singer Lee Aaron and new band The Sherlocks on this episode of Westwood One’s Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon

In the first interview, Mitch talks with former KISS head of security Big John Harte talks about his new book, working with the band in the early days, famed manager Bill Aucoin, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, the brotherhood, Ace Frehley and drinking, Eric Carr, Iron Maiden, Glickman & Marks, manager Rod Smallwood, working with Prince, Billy Idol, KISS famed Unmasked Australia tour, Ace & Peter leaving, and much more.

The second interview is with iconic Canadian singer, Lee Aaron, known to legions of fans as The Metal Queen. Lee discusses her new album Diamond Baby Blues, the tracks chosen & tackling Deep Purple’s Mistreated, her career, dabbling in different musical genres, her voice, respiratory issues, AC/DC & David Bowie and much more.

Finally, Mitch introduces you to ‘the next big thing’ – UK based band, The Sherlocks. Singer Kiaran Crook talks about their debut album Live For The Moment, the writing process, the second album, their road map for success, bringing back guitar rock, building a fan base, Liam Gallagher the joy of ‘load-ins’ and much more.

Listen to it here:

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