Photo provided by Mick James and used with permission from Mick James.
Photo By Michael Zinn

Who is Mick James? Chances are that if you have ever watched TV, there is a chance that you have heard music that was written by Mick James. Now stay tuned for a whole new level of Mick James music.

Mick James is a noted song writer, producer/engineer, musician and actor. He is most widely known for the music included in the hit television show Criss Angel Mindfreak. The highly recognizable “Mind Freak Theme” song was originally written by Mick James/Criss Angel and produced by both Mick and Jonathan Davis (KORN). Mick’s music has appeared on all 6 seasons of Mindfreak. He has also created music from 2009 to present for the Criss Angel/Cirque Du Soleil Vegas show “Believe”.

Mick’s work with Criss was 1st showcased in the 2003 Criss Angel Supernatural special shown on the Sci-Fi channel and the 2004 Criss Angel Made in Japan special that aired in Japan.

Other credits include: Mel B It’s a scary world, Giuliana and Bill, Carman Electra’s NWWL show (2007). On demand pay per view, Super bowl (2010), REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI 2013 (Bravo), CBS NFL Pre games (2010/To Present). Jets Playoff game on CBS (2011/To Present). March Madness NCAA (2011/To Present) on CBS, MTV Cribs, & Teen Cribs, 10 on top (MTV), CMTV Cribs, VH1 That Metal Show (2010/11/To Present). Being Liverpool (FOX TV), CATFISH THE TV SHOW 2013 (MTV), WWE, HBO, Criss Angel Biography on A&E, The American Country Awards, The Tyra Banks Show, Phenomenon on NBC, Basketball on CSTV, Entertainment Tonight, Parenthood on NBC, Dirty Money, Hell Roads, Secretly pregnant on Discovery channel. The Magic Place (Criss Angel’s new Web network).

CD cover Photo By Neil Calandra, graphics by Michael Zinn

In April 2014 Mick James released a solo album “Mick James is Dead”. This album has a very unique sound. It could be described as raw, heavy, electric, action packed, industrial metal. This album is a sound that parallels the sound of musical artists such as Nine Inch Nails and Rob Zombie. Although some songs may sound like they have a dark theme, these songs are quite melodic. We listened to these songs over and over. Mick’s style of music is certainly unique. This is not run of the mill heavy metal. Mick’s songs will energize you through the entire album, waiting to see what comes next.

“Speeding like a Fiend” was our top favorite of the album. This song can be described as Bad Ass heavy metal. “Speeding like a Fiend” features, Skid Row’s, Dave “Snake” Sabo on guitar.

Another favorite was “911 Guest What You’re Dead” by Mick James, featuring ex-TNT vocalist, Tony Harnell on backing vocals. And who doesn’t love the sound of Tony Harnell’s voice?

The whole album continues on with a raw, but melodic industrial heavy metal sound, and is certainly worth a listen for metal fans, with Mick James will open your heavy metal world to a whole new genre of metal. Highly recommended checking out this new music from Mick James.

Currently Mick James can be found touring with dates on the west coast.
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*All photos used have been provided by Mick James, and used with his written permission.

Top photo: Mic & Reaper in car Photo By Michael Zinn

Album Cover: CD cover Photo By Neil Calandra, graphics by Michael Zinn

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