Marvels of Modern Music Auction Highlights include: Ramones, Dylan, Boston and Prince

Fans of the band now have the chance to own a piece of music history

Online Bidding – July 12 through 19th, 2018

July 12, 2018

RR Auction is excited to present an incredible collection in its Marvels of Modern Music auction with online bidding July 12 – 19. We’re honored that CJ Ramone of punk pioneers The Ramones, and the family of Brad Delp, the voice of Boston, are sharing some of their historic memorabilia from their bands’ heydays. Their firsthand experiences and stories are embedded in these rarely offered items, perfect for passionate music history collectors.

Christopher Joseph Ward, better known as “CJ Ramone,” is an American musician who was the bassist for the punk rock group The Ramones, from 1989 when he replaced Dee Dee Ramone, until the band’s 1996 break-up. But he’s still rocking, and shows no signs of stopping.

Imagine being a fan of punk’s seminal pioneers, and then finding yourself part of the band. “I was a huge fan since I was a kid,” said CJ, the eventual youngest member of The Ramones by nine years. “[Then] I played in the band for seven years.” Johnny Ramone claimed he knew immediately when CJ auditioned to replace Dee Dee that he was the right fit, commenting that he “had the right look.”

When The Ramones were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, original drummer Tommy Ramone credited CJ with “keeping the band young.” CJ sang lead on “Strength To Endure” and wrote two tracks for the band’s farewell album, “¡Adios Amigos!” He played at their epic final show, delivering those iconic “1-2-3-4!” shouts and rubbing shoulders onstage with Eddie Vedder, Tim Armstrong and Lemmy.

Highlights from the collection include CJ and Dee Dee Ramone’s tour-used Ampeg Bass Amplifier Head and road case, used during 1,200 shows. CJ’s stage-used signature Mosrite bass guitar. Additional items include CJ’s Leather Jacket ‘Official Uniform’ of the Punk Rock Icons, Rare Demo Tapes, Tour Itineraries, Backstage Passes, Concert T-shirts and Posters.

RR Auction is also pleased to assist the family of Brad Delp in sharing some incredible items from Brad’s time as the unmistakable lead voice of the classic rock band Boston.
Delp joined Boston in 1970, and the band rocketed to stardom on his soaring vocals and timeless lyrics. Their self-titled debut album of 1976 ranks as one of the best-selling debut albums in U.S. history, with more than 17 million copies sold, going platinum within three months.

Highlights’ include Brad Delp’s gold RIAA award for Boston’s landmark debut. Fantastic official floater-style RIAA gold sales award presented to “Brad Delp to commemorate the sale of more than 500,000 copies of the Epic Records long-playing record album ‘Boston.’” Brad Delp’s handwritten lyrics notebook, containing 14 pages of handwritten notes and lyrics for his project with former Boston bandmate Barry Goudreau.

From our significant Beatles section to our collection presented by Prince insiders, to the in-person autographs obtained by legendary collector John Brennan, this catalog has it all. Rock gods like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and many more are offered. Favorites of today are featured, but the trailblazers and roots of the modern music are also strongly represented, with all the jazz greats, blues men, and women, early rock n’ rollers, and names that will never be forgotten.

Additional featured lots include:
Bob Dylan handwritten letter to old Greenwich Village friend— musician Debbie Green, circa his recording “Desire.”
Beatles fully signed 1963 Parlophone mono first pressing of “Please Please Me.”
Paul McCartney handwritten lyrics for “Through Our Love.”
Elvis Presley’s gold and diamond ring.
Jim Morrison handwritten poem, discovered in the famed “127 Fascination.”

Guns N’ Roses: Slash’s 1992 AMA for Favorite Heavy Metal Artist.
Prince handwritten lyrics for the unreleased song “Go,” in purple ink.
Prince’s personally owned and worn purple shirt, circa “Purple Rain” era.

Fantastic official floater-style RIAA gold sales award presented to “Brad Delp to commemorate the sale of more than 500,000 copies of the Epic Records long-playing record album ‘Boston.'”

Prince’s personally-owned and -worn purple ruffled long-sleeve custom-made shirt from the Purple Rain era, lavishly crafted from satin and chiffon, featuring pearlescent buttons on the neck, body, and cuffs. The sheer royal purple shirt has no labels, although one was evidently removed from the neck collar area.

Prince’s handwritten lyrics for the unreleased “Go”—credited to “Percy Bagonia”

Prince recorded “Go” with Revolution bandmates Wendy Melvoin (Susannah Melvoin’s twin sister) and Lisa Coleman in early August 1985. Despite dedicating much time and effort to the recording, the track remains in the vault and unreleased to this day. Prince’s playful attribution of the lyrics to “Percy Bagonia” is especially noteworthy, as he took on various stage names and alter egos throughout his career—others included Jamie Starr, Joey Coco, Alexander Nevermind, and Camille.

Bob Dylan Autograph Letter Signed to an old Greenwich Village friend.The recipient, Debbie Green (1940-2017), was a talented folk musician who taught Joan Baez the guitar and later toured and recorded with her husband, singer-songwriter Eric Andersen, as part of the Greenwich Village folk scene during the 1960s. The couple moved to California in 1970, had a child, and then separated. In early 1975, after a dinner with Eric Kaz in the Village, Green made an impromptu vocal performance at The Bitter End in what turned out to be a surprise audition for Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue concert tour. When Green returned to her Mill Valley home for the summer, she found this letter from Dylan, who, impressed by her performance, inquired if she wanted to sing on his forthcoming Columbia Records album Desire. In spite of the flattering offer, Green had to refuse: ‘I couldn’t have gone on tour for that long anyway. Sari was in school and I was a mom.’ The recording of Desire pushed ahead, as did Dylan’s historic Rolling Thunder Revue tour, which played a total of 57 shows from October 30, 1975 to May 25, 1976, and was highlighted by a benefit concert for imprisoned boxer Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter on December 8th in Madison Square Garden.

The Marvels of Modern Music from RR Auction began on July 12 and will conclude on July 19. More details can be found online at

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