Firepower Tour 2018 | Taking Over Metal Fans With Two Back to Back Sold Out Shows

Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut | March 22, 2018
The Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts | March 23, 2018
Double Bonus Show Photos

Backed up by the amazing musicians who make up Judas Priest, Rob Halford took control of metal fans of New England, in two back to back, sold out shows. Between two New England area shows, metal fans came from all over the Northeast to watch this legendary band perform. Judas Priest was alive and well and took the region by storm in support of the increasingly popular and awesome album Firepower. The Mohegan Sun Arena show marked the sixth stop for Judas Priest on the Firepower Tour.

It’s amazing to think that nearly 25 years ago the music industry changed drastically in terms of heavy metal, taking a backseat and forgotten by mainstream radio and media. Not for the lifelong metal fans. The power of metal has proved otherwise, and was most apparent in these recent shows in Uncasville, Connecticut at the Mohegan Sun Arena on March 22nd and Worcester, Massachusetts at The Palladium on March 23rd. If you were at either of these shows, you know what we are talking about. The energy Judas Priest created was astounding.

Judas Priest displayed the power and longevity of heavy metal with their powered performance at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut in front a full arena of die hard fans, new and old. Judas Priest shirts, leather jackets along with the trademark denim jackets displaying the patches of various bands, as badges of metal honor, were visible throughout.

In 2018 Judas Priest released Firepower, the album has received well deserved rave reviews by fans and media since its release. If you have not picked up a copy or downloaded it, do yourself a favor and get it. In a where today’s popular music, is so unoriginal, sounding the same and lacking any real instrument playing; Judas Priest is back and proving they are on top of the metal world once again. Firepower was in number five spot in the Billboard 200 for this week of March 24th.

The reality is that Firepower and the continued resurgence of Judas Priest remains to be popular and receives such tremendous accolades is because they are seasoned group of musicians and have proven for decades that they can produce great music and sustain in a world where most popular music isn’t played on instruments. Judas Priest continues to perform as metal professionals and will continue to fill arenas and sell albums for as long as they are willing to do so.

The Firepower Tour started off with the Black Star Riders and Saxon as supporting bands, both of which put on great shows. Check out more coverage, photos and reviews of the Black Star Riders and Saxon on links at the bottom of this page.

Mohegan Sun and The Palladium were sold out. Check out both photo sets of both shows in this article.


The large stage, with a large Firepower infused curtain hanging in front, Black Sabbath “War Pigs” came on, the lights went down and it was time to start. Quickly the curtain came down.Richie Faulkner on guitar was shredding on the stage donned in his leather, mirrored glasses and V guitar. Faulkner is an amazing guitarist and is incredibly entertaining to watch as he shreds Judas Priest riffs all night and engages the crowd. Scott Travis seated high upon the back of the stage behind throne of percussion. Scott is a great drummer, and a pleasure to watch in his style of playing. Scott is hard working the entire night, albeit, his talents, make it seem effortless for him keeping the time all night long. Tucked towards the back of the stage was Ian Hill, the bass lines of the Judas Priest discography. Hill, one of the original members of Priest stood his ground in the back belting out the bass lines throughout the night.

To the right of the stage with Ian Hill was Andy Sneap, who was playing the guitar parts representing for Glenn Tipton who was sitting out due to having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. But much later in the show, the crowd was in for a pleasant surprise. Andy Sneap was a co-producer on the Firepower album.

Then it was the one and only Rob Halford who took to center stage, adorned in a custom silver themed leather outfit. Leather Firepower jacket, pants and boots to match. This is a band that had some cool looking stage apparel. As Halford took the stage the crowd would explode with roars and arms raised with horns up. Halford’s vocals were spot on with studio quality.

“Firepower” was the first song of the night, a true hit. Followed up with “Running Wild” and “Grinder”. Also from the Firepower album was “Lighting Strike” and “Evil Never Dies”, songs that meld seamlessly into the Judas Priest long running discography. The new material has the same hard hitting and powerful sound, another reason to get this album.

The night continued with a catalog of Judas Priest classics. At one point Rob Halford took a moment to talk about the 40th anniversary of the Stained Glass album, and pointing to the back of the stage with the video screen background, which displayed album artwork, crowd video, and various video and cool graphics throughout the night. Halford said “Great Music Lasts Forever.” No truer words to be spoken. Forty years of Judas Priest greatness was on hand that night to prove it.

The set continued on with hits like “Turbo Lover”, “Some Heads Are Gonna Roll” and “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming”. There were no dull moments in this show.

“Hell Bent for Leather”, Halford took the stage on a motorcycle, with the black leather hat and riding crop in hand, fueling the crowd. Followed with “Electric Eye” and “Painkiller”.

Then the moment that topped the night, Glenn Tipton took the stage. No words to describe the energy of support and exuberance of the fans to see Tipton take to the stage. With a few waves of acknowledgement to the crowd and his Kramer guitar in place, Tipton played out the remainder of the evening with “Metal Gods”, “Breaking the Law” and “Living After Midnight”. It was great to see him on stage that evening, a true metal guitar hero. Note: Glenn Tipton did take the stage at both the Mohegan Sun and Worcester, MA shows.

What an ending to an incredible night. The Firepower Tour is one of the MUST SEE tours of 2018. If it hits a city near you, you must check this show out. From the supporting acts of Black Star Riders and Saxon, to the entire Judas Priest performance. Whether you’ve seen Priest two times or twenty times, this tour is a must see. A show well worth the money and overall experience. This show, the experience, Judas Priest, is what heavy metal is all about.  There are many more Firepower tour dates extending through the greater part of 2018. Get your tickets now!


Photos by Dan Wenc at dmwpictures.com

Check out more on Judas Priest athttp://judaspriest.com


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