Crossing Rubicon, who features Jeanne Sagan – formerly of All That Remains – on bass, have finally unleashed their brand new music video for the song “Unhinged,” that may be found on the critically acclaimed No Less Than Everything. The twelve track album, which can be described as a throwback to metal of the 80’s and early 90’s mixed with modern rock, is in stores nationwide.

“In a time where kids are being raised by television, smart phones, and social networking, we want to show that people – kids especially – can still find passion and empathy through music and a music scene. The world may treat you like you don’t exist, but music will always be there to speak to you and vent your frustrations, and there is always a scene of people who believe in this, and who will be there for you as well.”
– Scotty Anarchy (Vocals)

Watch the Official Music Video for “Unhinged”

Crossing Rubicon - No Less Than Everything Cover
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