Killthrax Tour
The Palladium
Worcester, Massachusetts
March 3, 2018

Power, Intensity and Longevity are three words that can best describe ANTHRAX. The Killthrax II Tour of 2018 was coming to a close with the second to last show taking place in front of a sold out crowd at The Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts. Anthrax was winding down this twenty-nine date tour out on the road with Killswitch Engage. On this night, Havok, a thrash metal band from Colorado took the stage to start things off. From that point on it was a night of high intensity power metal at its finest. The crowd received a great show.  The metal powerhouse, Anthrax was ready to hit the stage.

The stage set up was set in a grand fashion as only a band originating from the big 80’s could do. The large Anthrax artwork backdrop hanging at the back of the stage, stairs on each side leading to the Pentathrax garnished double bass Tama kit of Charlie Benante, sat upon the stage riser as a throne of the metal gods.

The lights went down and on came the Blues Brothers intro music, “Can’t Turn You Loose”. And then it was on. Charlie Benante took the seat behind his kit, with a wave to the crowd as the crowd chanted ANTHRAX-ANTHRAX. Scott Ian, Frank Bello and Jonathan Donais took the stage and kicked the night off with “Among the Living”. Then came Joey Belladona with his signature the half mic stand in hand. The crowd was fueled and the night was on.

The sound of Anthrax’s thrash riffs were pristine and finely tuned. The set-list spanned the discography of the Anthrax era. The songs were still as fresh as the day they were released. Great music never dies.  The energy in the room from Anthrax was powerful with an intensity that rocked the crowed all night. A true testament to the power of music that has spanned 30 plus years, that Anthrax is still a powerful musical force to be reckoned with. The night brought out the fans of all ages, and the mosh pit was on, fueled by the ageless riffs that Anthrax brought. Mosh pits, crowd surfing… everything that a metal show is, happened. The second song of the night was, “Caught In A Mosh”, most appropriate for the onset of the night. That was followed up with “Got the Time” and then “Madhouse” from Spreading the Disease.  Included in the set was “Breathing Lightning” from the For All Kings Album

Joey Belladona’s vocals were spot on and powerful. Joey traversed the stage throughout the entire set and was interactive with fans as he belted out the vocals. Scott Ian owned the stage with his Jackson guitars in hand. Scott Ian plays the timeless Anthrax riffs with melodic intensity. Scott took time to speak to the crowd in between songs and recalled other occasions that Anthrax had rocked The Palladium. Watching Scott play, you could feel the emotion that he plays with.

Frank Bello on bass, he was animated and moved all over the stage funneling the musical energy he was putting out. Aside from the awesome music, Scott, Joey and Frank were awesome to watch perform in their intensity at the front of the stage.

It is obvious that there are no signs of slowing down for Anthrax and the band continues roll on with the passion for playing and making music. They have proven to be one of the top heavy metal bands of all time and that night was one of the many reasons why. Anthrax has been consistent in their music and show of force, it is what continues to make them great.

The night rounded out “I Am The Law”, “Be All”, “Antisocial” and “Indians.”

The night continued along through an eleven song set full of power infused metal. The band kept fired the crowd fired up all night, a perfect opening for Killswitch Engage. If you missed this show, you can catch them in 2018 out on the road with Slayer for the (Slayer) Final World Tour.

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Anthrax Setlist The Palladium, Worcester, MA, USA 2018, Killthrax II

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